Hello, World!

Welcome to Stethoscope To Canvas, a blog fusing medicine and art. My goal is to bring readers stories of patients, from anomalies and phenomenons to routine diagnoses and treatment plans. Often times, these patients and their cases leave a lasting impression, and I’ve put that memory down on canvas. (Ok, my canvas is usually just heavy drawing paper.) I hope these stories make you feel good or evoke wonder. Maybe you’ll relate to them, because you ‘know someone who knows someone who had that’. Maybe that someone is you. It could be that you’re taking your grandma to her appointment tomorrow. Perhaps you had that crazy patient in your own office this morning. For whatever reason, these stories and images stuck with me, and I’ve portrayed them in different mediums.

These  are for sale in my etsy shop. The mission of my etsy shop is to provide one-of-a-kind, handmade art pieces for any home or medical office to represent the beauty and strength of the human body and its remarkable abilities. Each piece is made only once to embody the individuality of human nature.


Who’s holding the stethoscope?

My name is Emily and I’m a Physician Assistant working in Southern California. Growing up, I always appreciated art and enjoyed using different mediums to create pieces. Now that I’ve finally completed 18 years of schooling, I’ve finally found the time to hone in on the link between art as a passion and medicine as a career, and Stethoscope to Canvas is the product of that union. PAs work in all fields of medicine, and I enjoy staying up to date on all aspects of the human body. I hope that my art may be a reflection of my appreciation of the body and represent its amazing strength and abilities. You can find more information on Physician Assistants at aapa.org.

You can also find us on twitter & instagram!


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